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Why is Wall Street Booming While Main Street Suffers?

By Blog, Chris
This seems to be one of the most asked questions in the finance industry in 2020…from clients and professionals alike.  While there are nuanced reasons for this seemingly disconnected state of reality, I’ll share the simpler point first:  The stock market is a forward-looking machine (often referred to as a leading indicator).  On a general basis, the market is looking beyond the pain of the current economic conditions brought on by the virus-related shutdowns and is predicting recovery in the level of earnings.  The forward-looking timeframe utilized by market participants shrinks during times of great concern and lengthens during periods of renewed optimism.  This was clearly observed during this last period of volatility in early 2020.  Read More

Christopher Silipigno earns Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation

By Blog, Rig
“Ensuring and encouraging the highest level of professional achievement for all members of our team is important for Renaissance as we endeavor to provide exceptional service for our clients” states Renaissance President, Trevor Forbes. ‘And it gives me much pleasure and pride to announce that Christopher A. Silipigno, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Renaissance Investment Group, LLC has earned the Chartered Financial Consultantâ (ChFCâ) professional designation from The American College of Financial Services”.

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Too Much of a Good Thing? Rotation Risk. What is it…Are you exposed?

By Blog, Chris

What is rotation risk?

Simply put, rotation risk is the chance that investments in one asset class or category within an asset class that were previously in favor, experiencing strong returns and price appreciation (gains), will become less favored and experience price depreciation (losses).  This can happen rather quickly, leaving investors with an asset that lost much of the gains enjoyed when that asset was prized.  Worse yet, rotations can create sizeable losses to those that bought the appreciating asset towards the end of its run-up in price.

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When America sneezes, the World catches a cold

By Blog, Trevor
The stock market has just completed the first half of 2019 with the strongest opening six month increase of any year since 1997. This statistic alone has prompted many investors to question the durability of the current economic and market cycle. In this post, we look at the current state of the global economy and the characteristics of market cycles.

“When America sneezes, the World catches a cold”

This widely used saying dates back to Austrian politician Klemens von Metternich (1773 – 1859) who, at the time of Napoleon, penned the phrase “When Paris sneezes, Europe catches a cold.” Economists and politicians have amended Metternich’s words to reflect America’s dominant role in global economics since the start of the twentieth century. Today, this phrase may be particularly apposite.

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