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Foundations and Endowments

At Renaissance, managing the funds of foundations, endowments, and nonprofits has always been a substantial portion of our business.

Relationship Management

We work closely with trustees, boards, and finance committees to ensure that our investment decisions are well understood and in line with investment policies.

We believe that consistent, clear, and concise communication with the trustees, finance committees, and/or the board of directors that are responsible for the oversight of these accounts is essential.

  • Our relationship managers, seasoned professionals with expertise in either portfolio management or high-level financial counseling, are readily available to discuss any concerns, changes in investment objectives, and/or to explain transactions that have been undertaken on the organization’s behalf.
  • Relationship managers provide clients with regular comprehensive overviews of how economic trends have influenced the portfolio and in-depth reviews of the portfolio performance.

We not only understand the financial requirements and investment strategies necessary to effectively manage the funds that have been entrusted to these types of organizations, but our team is also involved personally in the work of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.


We are committed to making the communities we live and work in better places for all that call them home.  Collectively, we serve as volunteers and supporters of nonprofits whose mission it is to help the arts, children and families, those in poverty, sports and athletics, and education.

  • From both the board governance and programmatic perspectives, we appreciate the value of preserving and growing the precious assets that donors have entrusted with our nonprofit clients with the hopes of achieving their respective missions.

In an effort to support the good work of our nonprofit, foundation, and endowment clients, we offer a reduced fee for our services.