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Ethical Investing

Personalized Socially Responsible Investing Portfolios/Strategies.

ESG and SRI Strategies

Increasingly our clients are requesting that their investments are utilized not only to generate good returns, but that they’re invested in a “Socially Responsible” manner.  Termed ESG or SRI investing, this strategy for investing aims to achieve both competitive rates of return and a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

ESG and SRI Criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to evaluate potential investments.

  • Environmental criteria look at how a company performs as a steward of the natural environment.
  • Social criteria examine how a company manages relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where it operates.
  • Governance deals with a company’s leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls and shareholder rights.
What are ESG and SRI?
ESG = Environmental, Social, and Governance investing

SRI = Social Responsible Investing

If it’s important to our client, it becomes important to us.

Customized Investment

At Renaissance, we have the capacity to build individualized investment portfolios that reflect the personal values and preferences of our clients.

In addition to returns, when utilizing this type of investment strategy, various screening criteria are employed to determine if a company violates our clients personal values.

Further, companies and industries that support our client’s beliefs can be intentionally included in the portfolio.

This process is carried out in accordance with Renaissance’s long standing tradition of closely examining each company’s fundamentals with the goal of managing risk while maximizing returns.